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17 Mar

Happy belated birthday, dear blog~

tsukeruu.tumblr.com/ is officially two years old now. My blog had turned two in March 6th! 

10 Mar

Please, follow!

For those that followed me because of my randomness, please follow: of-all-fandoms . I will be posting all non-related cosplay posts over there. Thank you!

14 Nov

~Angst Queen~: The 'Fake Geek Girl' has got to go


And by that I mean the whole stupid, foolhardy concept. I’ve said before that if you really believe there’s a horde of attractive women faking interest in nerdy things just to get your attention, you have a massive case of unwarranted self-importance, and I still believe that….

03 Nov

Happy 1000 post!! 

08 Aug

I kind of want to start a blog just for Marvel shipping. This blog will contain a lot of Hulkeye (Clint x Bruce) and Black Winter (Natasha x Bucky). I need help for coming up with a creative url for this blog. Ideas for a name?

15 Jul

It does make me a happy Marvel fangirl to see that the Winter Solider and RDJ has been trending on Twitter~

15 Jul

Confession: Apart of me deep down wants to move somewhere close enough to San Diego so I can go to SDCC every year.

29 Jun


I always had wished I had a strong heritage like the Irish or Scottish. 

28 Jun

Cosplay confession:

I hate cleaning my room when I’m working on a project. Even if it’s in the beginning, middle or end. I’m always afraid that I will misplace something throw an important piece out.