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18 Jul

I think I had decided after Hawkeye is finished, I will be giving a break to most Marvel comics. With all of it’s current changes, I’ve noticed that Marvel has gone down hill for the most part since Young Avengers volume 2. I love Marvel, but I’m not sure where they are taking everything. It’s kind of frustrating to see these changes. It makes me happy I don’t follow the big “three” at all. If they decide to start making another Hawkeye volume or Young Avengers series, I may pick it up again. 

But in the meantime, I think I will be ok with picking up IDW Transformers.

24 Jun




The next big event of Spider-Man - Spider-Verse, is set to begin in November 2014, but we have a miniseries before the event itself called Edge of Spider-verse (The edge of the Spider-Verse) in September and October, with five editions. Each edition will have a different creative team and will focus on a Spider-Man from each existing Alternate Universe - including, in issue # 2 is a Spider-Woman will be Gwen Stacy, not Peter Parker.

written by JASON LATOUR
Art and cover by Robbi Rodriguez

Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman!

In a universe where Peter Parker was not bitten by a spider was radioativanão Pet, but Gwen Stacy!

She is smart, charming and can lift a car - just do not tell that to your father, the chief of police!

How she is involved in Spider-verse? Seeds will be planted on it in Amazing Spider-Man # 9!

First time I’ve ever seen a Marvel/Spider-Man design and went “wow, that’s so fucking awesome, I want to cosplay it.”


I hate Gwen Stacy, but I love this damn design. I may have to add it to my cosplay list for 2015.

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22 Aug

Young Avengers Cosplay group for NYCC?

Is anyone planning on cosplaying from Young Avengers (2005 or 2013 versions)? I would love to meet up with you! I will be doing two versions of Kate - her Hawkeye #9 cover outfit & her purple unitard. 

03 Aug

What Kate Bishop (Hawkeye 2012 or Young Avengers volume 1) costume should I do for New York Comic Con?

04 Jul

Young Avengers Cosplay Group for NYCC

Thus far, my Young Avengers group is growing slowly. I hope to gain more members, especially of volume 2 series since Mr. Kieron Gillen will be attending NYCC as a guest this year. Any Young Avenger and/or Runaway cosplayer is welcomed into our group, but we are trying to have at least one of each character before we double up on characters. 

Taken characters:

Kate Bishop - me (Hawkeye #9 cover, unitard & Young Avengers Presents outfits)

Teddy Altman - ffdemon

Possibly taken:

Tommy Shepard - my boyfriend (who will most likely do one of the outfits from YA#6 volume 2) 

Everyone else is open!!! Please ASK BOX me or comment below if you are attending NYCC and cosplaying from Young Avengers who would like to join our group. I would like to try and host a private photoshoot if everyone is interested, but if not, we can hang out and walk around the con as a whole. Please comment below or ask box me!?

26 Jun

I have a bit of an obsession…

I have been collecting Skottie Young variants for a while now. 

I own:

Avengers #1 Young Variant

Avengers A.I. #1 Young Variant

Avengers Arena #1 Young Variant

Captain America #1 Young Variant

Deadpool #1 Young Variant

FF #1 Young Variant

Guardians Of Galaxy #1 Young Variant

Indestructible Hulk #1 Young Variant

Iron Man #1 Young Variant

New Avengers #1 Young Variant

Nova #1 Young Variant

Superior Spider-Man #1 Young Variant

Thanos Rising #1 Young Variant

Thunderbolts #1 Young Variant

Uncanny Avengers #1 Young Variant

Uncanny X-Men #1 Young Variant

X-Men #1 Young Variant

Young Avengers #1 Young Variant

I still need:

A+X #1 Young Variant

Age Of Ultron #1 Young Variant

All New X-Men #1 Young Variant

Cable And X-Force #1 Young Variant

Fantastic Four #1 Young Variant

Fearless Defenders #1 Young Variant

Morbius Living Vampire #1 Young Variant

Red She-Hulk #58 Young Variant

Savage Wolverine #1 Young Variant

Thor: God Of Thunder #1 Young Variant

Wolverine #1 Young Variant

X-Men Legacy #1 Young Variant

18 May


07 May

I am still looking for a Young Avengers cosplay group for NYCC. I am planning on doing two outfits for Kate Bishop. I’m doing her Hawkeye #9 & purple unitard/pajama outfit. I would like to try to get a complete team, either old or new. If you are interested in joining this cosplay group or would just simply like to meet up since you are a Young Avengers fan - please comment below or ASK BOX ME!?

04 May

Mid-Ohio Comic Con cancelled Stan Lee for a second year in a row. Yep, won’t be going there… though, I may check out Cincy Comic Con or Cincinnati Comic Expo…